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    Chronic soft tissue injury solution

    Chronic soft tissue injury solution

    Chronic soft tissue injury solution

    1. The Name

    Chronic soft tissue injury solution

    2. Product Principle
    Ultrasound can increase the pH of local tissues, improve local acidosis, and effectively reduce the content of local prostaglandin E2, and inhibit the inflammatory reaction. The focus on pain points and surrounding tissues can rapidly improve endogenous in vivo. The content of analgesic β-endorphin reduces the pain; increases enzyme activity, accelerates metabolism, improves local tissue nutrition, and promotes repair of damaged tissues.

    3. Product Highlights
    Highlight 1: The era of precision medicine - personalized treatment concept
    Convergent ultrasound probe deep treatment, ultrasonic dose convergence, repair damaged tissue;
    The collimated ultrasound probe is used for fixed treatment, stabilizes energy deposition and relieves pain quickly;
    According to the rehabilitation needs of different individuals and different damaged parts, a personalized and comprehensive three-dimensional rehabilitation treatment plan is developed.

    Highlight 2: Convergent ultrasound and planar ultrasound - two-wheel drive
    Focus on the field of ultrasound therapy for nearly 10 years, professional R & D team and technical support team;
    The world's first registration of superficial tissue-converging ultrasound and collimated ultrasound dual therapy probes;
    The world's first ultrasonic therapy device with dual technology type probes.

    Highlight 3:
    1. Multi-person/multi-site use at the same time
     Mobile treatment gun + fixed treatment head, simultaneous output of two channels, support multiple simultaneous treatment
     Fixed treatment head 4 channels of output, can choose 1 to 4 fixed probe combination treatment
    2. Easy to operate
     Built-in 11 treatment prescriptions + custom prescription function
     Code switch, parameter one-button control
    3. Probe power is stable
     Dynamic Energy Display - Provides intuitive energy changes to doctors and patients
     Digital energy management module - to ensure the stability of the probe power
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